Materials Processing Development is focused on the deployment and evaluation of novel metrology and characterisation techniques for PBF- LB as well as post processing considerations.

Our researchers in Materials Processing Development are focussed on topics that are fundamental to ‘right first time’ manufacturing, which is critical to reducing production costs, increasing reliability and improving performance.

Using a number of demonstrator 3D printers, we are deploying and validating new in-situ process monitoring techniques, which when combined with final part inspection/characterisation data, will result in a greater understanding of the multiple process parameters that must be controlled in order to produce the perfect end product.

Projects underway under this theme include

  1. Correlation of powder feedstock material parameters to part properties and performance for metal PBF.
  2. Determination of optimum post-processing parameters for metal PBF.
  3. Development of in-process monitoring metrology for metal PBF.
  4. Multi-material AM Seed Project: Develop demonstrator for micro/nanometre-scale multi-material components using material jetting.
  5. Develop process input-in process-output-quality experimental relationships for select alloys in metal PBF-LB Embedding and Integrating sensors in metal PBF components

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