3D printing for teachers 

I-Form is keen to inspire the next generation of manufacturing talent to join our evolving industry, to help address the growing skills shortage in advanced manufacturing. Teachers, meanwhile, are keen to learn more about new technologies, integrate them into the classroom and guide their students along their future career paths.


Primary schools

We invited a number of primary school teacheers to sign up for a free, hands-on exploration of 3D design and printing in manufacturing in the classroom. This fun, challenging 3 day course took place at the Lifetime Lab, Cork, in July 2021. Participating teachers who are committed to running a classroom challenge were provided with a 3D printer for their school. Read more about the programme. 


Secondary schools 

I-Form, in partnership with the Junior Cycle for Teachers - Technologies (JCT4), is running an SFI Discover-funded project in 2021 aimed at upskilling teachers in the use of 3D printing technology in the classroom. A series of training workshops aims to build teachers’ confidence and ability to link 3D printing projects to the curriculum and to discuss manufacturing careers with their students. Read more about the programme

Also in 2021, I-Form, via University College Dublin, is running a European project aimed at upskilling teachers in 3D printing. Read more about the EIT Manuacturing project, Discover Manufacturing