I-Form Academics Included in World’s Top 2% Scientists List


Twelve I-Form academics have been included among the top 2 percent of the most-cited scientists internationally in various disciplines, recently published by Stanford University and Elsevier.

This list includes the following I-Form academics: Prof. Denis Dowling, Prof. Dermot Brabazon, Prof. Andrew Parnell, Prof. Seán Leen, Prof. Valeria Nicolosi, Prof. David Browne, Prof. Michael Gilchrist, Prof. Niall English, Prof. Rocco Lupoi, Dr Shuo Yin, Dr Vikram Pakrashi and Prof. Nicholas Dunne.

This recognition highlights their pioneering contributions in various fields, including digitalisation, additive manufacturing and materials science, which has propelled them onto this prestigious list.

Their inclusion not only underscores their individual achievements, but serves as recognition for the exceptional calibre of work contributed by numerous PhDs, post-docs, researchers, and other collaborators across the whole I-Form Centre.

As they continue to spearhead transformative research, their recognition among the world’s elite scientists signifies the Centre's prominence in shaping the future of advanced manufacturing research on a global scale.