From classrooms to hospital theatres - discussing the extraordinary potential of 3D Printing


In their latest UCD Discovery podcasts episode, the team at the UCD Institute for Discovery meets with I-Form’s Education and Public Engagement Manager Sylvia Leatham, to discuss everything from entry-level 3D printing in Irish classrooms to the extraordinary possibility of 3D printing organs in the future.

 Listen to the podcast interview with our Education and Public Engagement Manager here


The UCD Institute for Discovery podcasts series complement the Institutes ‘Stories of Discovery’ and ‘Rising Stars’ article series, which interviews people about a range of exciting research happening in UCD. 

The UCD Institute for Discovery facilitates interdisciplinary connectivity in important areas of regional, national and global research.  The Institute provides expertise and support for emerging and early stage interdisciplinary research in the University. At the core of their mission, the Institute fosters interdisciplinarity and cultivate community through; Idea exchange events, programme and network building, its global visiting fellowship programme and funding support for early stage interdisciplinary researchers.