Dr Philip Cardiff
Funded Investigator

Dr Philip Cardiff holds the post of Bekaert Lecturer of Materials Processing at UCD. Upon completing his PhD, Philip worked on the development of computational models within the Irish Centre for Composites Research at UCD, and within the Cockrell School of Engineering at the University of Texas at Austin. His research interests include computational mechanics, materials processing, biomechanics, and Machine Learning.

Research Interests (Lay Summary)

The manufacturing industry is under increasing pressure to produce components with greater functionality and stricter mechanical, geometric and chemical property requirements. Specification of the multitude of process variables presents the engineer with the daunting optimisation question: “Based on a variety of (often conflicting) performance metrics, which combination of physical, geometric and material variables will produce the optimal component?” Solving this problem effectively requires simulation tools, which accurately and efficiently predict process performance and component properties. My research within I-Form focusses on the development of simulation tools that will allow manufacturing companies to virtually assess new processes, allowing the development of next-generation products and processes.


Advanced Manufacturing, Artificial Intelligence, Materials Processing, Composite Materials, Computational Mechanics, Failure Modeling, Injection Moulding, Mechanical Characterisation, Predictive Modeling