Prof Alojz Ivankovic
Principal Investigator

Prof Alojz Ivankovic is Full Professor of Mechanics of Materials (since 2004), Head of Mechanical Engineering Programs (2006-2018), and Head of Mechanical Engineering Discipline (2006-2011) at UCD. He is a founding director of UCD Centre of Adhesion and Adhesives (established in 2010) and UCD-Bekaert University Technology Centre (established in 2015). He is also a Visiting Professor at Imperial College London, Head of Structural Adhesives Division of Adhesion Society (2014-2016), Irish elected member for International Fracture Society (2017-), an external examiner of ME Mechanical program at Trinity College Dublin (2016-). 

Prof Ivankovic’s track record includes: 

  • 348 publications (110 journal, 5 book chapters, 233 conference)
  • 26 graduated PhDs (4 of which are full Professors), 25 MSc students, 15 past postdoctoral researchers and 1 Marie Curie Research Fellow
  • awarded over €25 million in research funding since joining UCD in 2004 (total over €27 million, approx €6 million as PI and approx €21 million as co-PI)
  • 1 patent, 1 licence
  • strong links and collaboration with industry and academia both nationally and internationally
  • memberships of a number of scientific committees, editorial boards, review panels, coordination of an international ESIS Mixed Mode Round Robin

Research Interests (Lay Summary)

Prof Ivankovic currently leads a research group of 4 MSc, 10 PhD students, 3 postdoc researchers and 2 Research Fellows. The main research focus of the group is the process-structure-property relationship towards materials by design, which involves multi-scale characterisation and modeling of thermo-mechanical, damage and fracture behaviour and nano-modification and tailor design of polymers, composites, adhesives and super-hard materials. More recently, the group’s research also focuses on additive manufacturing. The group has access to excellent processing, thermo-mechanical testing, video, microscopy, analytical and high-performance computing facilities.


Bonding/Joining Characterisation, Composite Materials, Computational Mechanics, Failure Modeling, Fracture Characterisation, Materials Characterisation, Mechanical Characterisation