Multi-axis Robot Arm Printer

This Demonstrator is centred around the printing of higher mechanical strength composite materials with a particular emphasis on continuous carbon fibre printing. One current area of focus is on the printing of prosthetic parts.

An advanced vision system is being added to capture image data during printing and correlate it to process and product performance parameters. Microsoft Hololens and Dexmo glove equipment are being used to facilitate product design for AM and operator interaction with the status of the build via user friendly interfaces. This Demonstrator is also being used to evaluate the potential for developing embedded sensors including strain gauges, within the 3D printed composite parts.

Fast Facts for Multi-axis Robot Arm Printer

Market Segment:

  • Range of sectors interested in lightweighting applications, such as automotive and aerospace.
  • Health care: Production of custom high-strength composite components or orthotics and prostethics.


  • To match the strength and robustness of metal components with reduced weight.
  • To significantly reduce the cost of producing composite components while enabling customisation.
  • Developing a repeatable process with accurate prediction of component properties via modeling of process parameters.


  • Continuous carbon fibre 3D printed multi-axis system with optical sensors for process monitoring and incorporating Hololens and Dexmo glove for both product design and process control.

Commercial Benefit:

  • Lightweighting of parts for reduced running costs.
  • Low cost, custom, composite solutions.