The EOSINT M280 is a direct metal laser sintering (DLMS) 3D printer. The machine being used for I-Form research is fitted with a bespoke camera system for optical monitoring of the build process.

Optimised processing recipes for a range of components, primarily using stainless steel powders, are being developed on this Demonstrator. In addition, the large volume of image data being captured by the camera system is being used to determine if improved process monitoring and control can be achieved. Machine Learning algorithms are being implemented to look for trends in the process data that correlate with part performance. Through the use of novel data analytics techniques, opportunities to improve in-process real-time monitoring and control are being explored.

The Demonstrator is also being used to evaluate the potential for developing embedded sensors within 3D printed parts. This research includes the placement of sensors at any desired location within the component during the course of powder bed processing and evaluating the performance of these embedded sensors on the final parts.

Fast Facts for EOS EOSINT M280

Market Segment: 

  • Range of sectors interested in embedded sensor technology.
  • Providers of AM optical monitoring systems.


  • To make efficient use of image data generated in-process to improve and control the AM process.
  • To develop a robust process for embedding sensors into 3D printed components.


  • Combine bespoke vision systems with Machine Learning algorithms to develop an efficient process monitoring solution.
  • Characterise and evaluate a range of techniques for embedding sensors in components.

Commercial Benefit:

  • Use in-process monitoring to reduce inspection and scrap costs.
  • Develop efficient processes for embedding functional sensors.


  • Laser: Single 200W laser, Ø = 100 μm
  • Build Volume: 250 x 250 x 300 mm
  • Scan Speed: Up to 7 m/s